Cash Management | ATAQ Cash

With ATAQ Cash, we offer you all the functionalities of a modern cash management system at national and international level. These include: Cash position, trend analysis liquidity forecast, automatic detailed cash flow actual determination, netting, clearing pooling, financial holding, as well as various simulation and analysis functions.

For variable reporting, the actual cash flows from the bank account statements are automatically assigned to the required items in conjunction with liquidity planning

Optionally, there is the possibility of a complete integration of the Treasury & Risk Management cash flows of all trading transactions from ATAQ RISK and the liquidity plan data from ATAQ PLAN, which are periodically updated on a daily basis.

Use the automatic recording of all cash flows in a group of companies in all currencies that have been automatically cleared internally by clearing procedures.

Cash Management offers standard interfaces to all common downstream systems such as SAP, Oracle Financial, DCW.

Our products make it possible.