Bank Account Management | ATAQ eBAM

ATAQ eBAM module (electronic Bank Account Management) is managing your bank accounts, powers of attorney and signing authority worldwide. In addition, you can analyze and control your bank costs and also manage all types of cards, such as bank cards, credit cards, fuel cards or key cards.

All documents such as contracts, signature sheets, terms and conditions, etc. can be centrally archived and displayed with attributes.

Thanks to a simple but very powerful analysis and reporting function, all conceivable combinations of accounts/banks and authorised representatives are available at the touch of a button. In just one click you can see all active and inactive bank accounts, bank conditions, all due documents and there are much more smart features

Through a definable workflow, ATAQ eBAM is supporting the opening, changing and closing of bank accounts, supported by due dates, e.g. for credit cards.

Advantages at a glance: