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The Offen Group

CPO Holding manages 500 companies with their own bank accounts and all their financial transactions in ATAQ. Although these different business areas such as container or bulk vessels are to be assigned to different business areas and although the Conti group of companies with numerous own companies was taken over a few years ago, the installation of the system-supported group-wide disposition was relatively quick thanks to the flexibility of ATAQ.

Together with the client, Technosis has defined an intelligent set of rules that allows new clients to be involved very quickly. Almost all payments and cash flows from loans, interest rate derivatives, investments and foreign exchange transactions are automatically reflected in the disposition on the basis of just a few rules. Without the flexibility of the system, well over 1,000 rules would have had to be set up and maintained. This means that only very few cases have to be considered individually, in which ATAQ does not succeed in integrating automatically.
For the comparison of the generated dispositions with the account turnovers, ATAQ uses all information of the electronic statements and determines a comparison proposal based on individually predefined basic conditions. At the same time, a management report with the most important information is created and sent in the background, so that the management is always kept up to date. Payments can be made and tracked securely and conveniently via the integrated EBICS, even to the debit of foreign accounts.
"We appreciate the pragmatic solutions proposed by the competent Technosis teams very"

Telge Krantz, Financial Director, CPO Holding (GmbH & Co.) KG

In addition to the automatic interest calculation of the cash pools managed by banks, CPO appreciates the ATAQ function, which allows the system to make proposals for balance concentration. If, for example, a corresponding bank service does not pay off, a manual zero or target balancing with changing master accounts can be initiated at any time.

After the takeover of the Conti Group in 2017, the administration of the authorised signatories initially posed a challenge, since in addition to other persons with different powers of attorney, different workflows had to be taken into account. Once again, ATAQ was able to score points with its flexibility and implement the requirements with a perfect fit.

The Offen Group

is a flexible, ultra-modern shipping company where tradition and love of the sea are felt as an obligation and pleasure. The Offen Group is one of the world's leading ship managers and service providers for the maritime industry. With approx. 4,200 employees worldwide, the Offen Group manages more than 100 ships. In addition, the Offen Group offers comprehensive asset management services and financing solutions for investments - both for its own fleet and for third-party vessels.
The CPO Holding (GmbH & Co.) KG as group head manages the finances for all operative and
single-ship companies with ATAQ from Technosis in Hamburg.