The ZKW Group

The ZKW Group

At ZKW, payment transactions were processed decentrally at the various locations. A wide variety of channels and banking programmes were used for this purpose. In order to process payment transactions transparently and cost-effectively for the holding company, it was decided to use the modules of the company Technosis for the execution of worldwide payment transactions.

SAP is used as the ERP system in all companies. The difficulty was to find suitable payment formats and connections to the banks for a successful centralisation of payment transactions.

Together with Technosis it was decided to use CGI as payment format in the non-Sepa room. The connection to the banks should ideally be made via EBICS. Locations that could not be connected via EBICS should use SWIFT via a SWIFT service office. At the regional house bank, ZKW was the first customer with CGI as a requirement.

"Once it's up and running, few or no errors occur. That's why it's worth switching to CGI and a central installation!"

Christian Brühne, ZKW Group

Worldwide payment transactions are now processed via the central ATAQ installation. China is currently still an exception. Here we are in the implementation phase with various banks. All payments and account statements run through the system, so that the central treasury is always up to date on the current payment transactions. In the course of this

a module has also been implemented so that the payment runs from the SAP system are automatically provided for signature in payment transactions without a detour via the file system. Changing authorised signatories no longer have to be initialised in a time-consuming manner, but are managed transparently in the application.

The ZKW Group is the specialist for innovative premium lighting systems and electronics. Headquartered in Wieselburg, Lower Austria, the ZKW Group, with over 9,700 employees, shapes the automotive industry worldwide. It has locations in Austria and Slovakia, in the Czech Republic as well as in China, India, USA and Mexico.